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Eating and Drinking

Gastronomy has its very own special place in our country. Turkish cuisine is among the best in the world and is sometimes ranked alongside French and Chinese as one of the world’s three great cuisines. In the big cities, you can eat out at innovative and star spangled restaurants serving new and traditional Turkish cuisine. This generous land offers you rich vegetable cuisine, different kinds of fresh fish and meat restaurants, inviting you to taste familiar or unfamiliar foods. Every place is its own little gastronomic kingdom.

Also, there are lots of cafes, roof bars and chic restaurants for you to eat out in Turkey. In addtition to local cuisine, you can find actually any world cuisine in our country, from any culture and style aplenty. Delicious local specialities, famous spirits and a large selection of traditional produce.

If tasting one of the best cuisines in the world makes you happy, you should come to Turkey.

Turkish Cuisine

Many Turkish flavours have emerged from a synthesis of the culinary cultures of all the people who have made their home in Anatolia at various times, from the Hittites to the Romans and Greeks, and including the people who came from the three continents over which the Ottoman Empire ruled during its 700 year history.

Flavours: In Turkey, authentic meals surround you. Many traditional restaurants and some historical buildings converted into restaurants showcase the delicacies of Turkish and Ottoman culinary culture.

These flavour spots offer customers the additional bonus of the perfect scenery of Turkey and panoramic views over Mediterranean and Aegean. During the summer months, alfresco dining is the norm, particularly along the coastal areas and along the Bosphorus in Istanbul.

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