Customising Your Trip

It will be a pleasure for us to help our guests plan their perfect trip. Combining our experience with your dreams will be our key to design your trip of a lifetime.  In our website you will see a variety of recommended itineraries we have prepared with our experiences. Once you have a look at them,next step will be your dreams.

Anyone can customise their own trip;

  • Individuals—who want their own experiences
  • Families—large and small—whom wish to create their own personal memories.
  • Friends—for reunions, special interest groups, or just to have fun
  • Business travelers—with a few days of spare time to enjoy their surroundings

And those looking for;

  • A mix of activities—want to add in a little adventure? How about a day of hiking, rafting or kayaking? Or a little of bird-watching ? Very easy to do with a custom itinerary!
  • Some “alone” time-You want to visit all the usual places, but take a few days on your own to immerse yourself in the culture, relax at a local spa, discover estancia “life”,  or enjoy some beach time.
  • A fast paced trip—you want to see as much as possible in a limited amount of time.
  • Specific hotels or lodges for their accommodations—you can mix and match hotel styles and room categories. Want to stay in a cave hotel at Cappadocia or at a hotel on the edge of a crater at Santorini? Or want to know the latest on all the newest 
  • hotels & lodges? We can make it happen!
  • A romantic getaway—honeymoons and special anniversaries can be planned with private dinners on the beach,  at crater edged restaurants, at cave restaurants or at a cruise on Nile River
  • A new experience—want to learn Greek Sirtaki? Or how to prepare an authentic Turkish meal? Perhaps a tour based on architecture or literature? Visits to schools, stays in local communities, sustainability oriented tours, farm visits are all great possibilities.
  • A unique, memorable, authentic, and truly original trip of a lifetime.

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